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A Word from Our Pastor


Lent Is Preparing...


In our culture children spend a lot of time in school and a whole lot of the kids can see absolutely no reason why they should be subjected to all that meaningless toil. For some the endless schooling goes far beyond childhood and has even started to create social problems in our culture. We have created a class of professional students who literally prepare forever and never start the profession or professions for which they were supposedly preparing. Sometimes the things we do in Lent makes me think I am like the Christian version of those students.


Originally, Lent was the season where adults who were preparing for their Baptism on Easter Vigil were taught the Christian faith, kind of a 40 day Confirmation. It wasn’t 40 days all day like a quest, for these people had jobs and families and many of them were slaves. They gathered as they could and were taught in preparation for their Baptism and their new life in Christ that followed their Baptism. Most of the time when I bother to think of it at all in Lent I am preparing for Heaven, even though I am well aware that our life in Christ begins with Baptism. Giving up Chocolate is in its own way a symbol of giving up the sinful life in preparation for our new life in Christ but it is really kind of pointless when we really think about it.

What is this new life in Christ? It seems to me that that is a pretty important question if it is what Lenten preparation is all about. What are our new goals? If we are to be following Jesus where are we going, and what are we supposed to be doing. All of these are questions we need to answer if we are to spend Lent in preparation for this new life. Another thought along the way is just how many times has Lent come by since I was baptized? It seems to me that with all that preparation I should have started this new life already. So I should also ask myself how I am doing.


For those of us who are baptized we need to realize that we have already died to sin and are even now living our new life in Christ. That changes the focus of the Lenten season from one that is strictly preparation to one where we need to examine ourselves to see just how we are doing as Disciples of Christ. We are already involved and that brings up a whole new set of question. Jesus told us in the Gospel of John that as the Father has called him so he has called us. That means our ministry is to bring the Good News that through Christ, God has provided a way for us to be reconciled to our creator.


That we are part of the Body of Christ with Jesus leading us in the very same ministry he was involved in in his earthly life. So now our Lenten introspections are how are we contributing to this ministry? How well are we doing our part in the Body of Christ? What kinds of things could we do during Lent that would better enable us and our fellow members of the Body to strengthen our ministry here at RLC?


I admit some of these are new questions for me as well and as Lent moves along I will be giving these things a lot of thought. Lent needs to be about more than symbolic chocolate or preparing for a Baptism that is decades in the past. Lent needs to be about life!  The new life we are living together as the Body of Christ here at RLC



Pastor Jim Bliss
February 2015