About Us

Resurrection Lutheran Church at its Amador Valley Blvd. campus in Dublin, California has been open to its members and community since 1962. At the heart of Resurrection’s ministry is worship. We gather together every week to hear and study God’s Word, to celebrate the gifts that He has given us in Baptism and Lord’s Supper.

​Resurrection is a welcoming community with friendly and diverse members. We are a community that is grounded in the traditions of Christianity and encourage our friends and members to grow in faith. Our mission as individuals and a community is to invite, grow and serve. We endeavor to do this in many ways, but here are just a few: we invite through our services, concerts, Oktoberfest and movie nights; we grow through prayer, our worship services, Bible studies, variety of Christian Education opportunities and fellowship; we serve by reaching out to our members and our community through our Child Development Program, our food pantry, offering the use of our facility to other nonprofit groups and organizations and as a church community participating in opportunities, including Habitat for Humanity, Operation Christmas Child, Toys for Tots and Relay for Life.

​ Resurrection offers a traditional worship where we love to sing the traditional hymns and a contemporary worship with Christian music that you even hear on the radio. We offer opportunities to teach our children the Christian story, while expanding their minds rather than narrowing their perspective. We are more interested in helping our members and friends find their way in life, rather than engineering ways to help preserve an institution.

If you are looking for a church community that supports you in making a difference rather than a donation, we believe you’ll find a welcoming home at Resurrection.

Our Purpose and Values

Our Purpose: (Who God has called us to be)

Is to be an inviting, life-changing community in Christ where people experience God in worship, in spirit and in relationships.

Our Mission: (How we accomplish our purpose)

Our Values:

A Passion for the Gospel, Personal discipleship and integrity, respect and compassion for others, loving, nurturing relationships, deep spirituality, and a generous spirit.

Our Beliefs. The Trinity:

God our Creator, Jesus our Redeemer,
The Holy Spirit – God’s active presence in our world.
We walk by Faith Alone ~ by God’s Grace Alone ~ Inspired by Scripture Alone
A priesthood of all believers engaging in a ministry of Word and Sacrament.
As the body of Christ we are the heart and hands of God in this world.

Worship Times

Sunday Worship

9:00 am – Combined Worship Service

Christian Education (Sunday School)

10:40 am – Preschool to 5th grade (Will resume in the Fall of 2021


Wednesdays 3:30 – 5:00 pm 6th through 8th grades (Will resume in the Fall of 2021)

Bible Studies

On hold at this time